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Donations (grants or contributions) may be made to any of the Foundation’s Funds. Donors are encouraged to match their purposes for giving and interests with existing Funds.

Donors can create new Funds or direct their contributions to specific purposes (outcomes) or different beneficiaries, provided that donor preferences are consistent with the purposes for which the Foundation was established.

Contact the Foundation for further information or to let us know of your interest in giving to the Foundation.


Term endowment funds have a built-in stipulation that either part or all of the principal may be used only after a pre-established period of time has passed or until a specified event has occurred; the term depends on the wishes of the donor.

***The Foundation currently does not have any Term Endowments.

Restricted Endowments
Restricted endowment revenue may have limitations put in place by the donor to serve a specific purpose.

The Foundation has two restricted endowments:

1. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Fund
Only the earnings can be used to serve the purposes of the Foundation

2. Loan Guarantee Fund
Principal and interest can be used annually to support the granting of loans via the Anguilla Development Board (ADB)

Unrestricted Endowments
The funds of the unrestricted variety may be used in any way the recipient chooses. The Foundation decides how the funds are used.

***The Foundation currently does not have any Unrestricted Endowments.

Quasi-endowment Fund
These funds are earmarked by the governing board of an organization instead of being restricted by donors or some other outside agency.

***The Foundation currently does not have any Quasi-endowment Funds.

Non-Endowed Dedicated - Purpose Funds
Grant funding received for specific purposes, but for purposes jointly negotiated between the donor and the Foundation.

The Foundation has two Non-Endowed Dedicated - Purpose Funds:

1. Business/Entrepreneurship Training Fund
As agreed jointly by the donor and the Foundation

2. Business Innovation Fund
As agreed jointly by the donor and the Foundation

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