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Anguilla GET SET Entrepreneurial Programme

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The Anguilla GET SET Entrepreneurial Programme targets young Anguillians 18 to 35 years old who are desirous of having their own business but do not have the necessary collateral, financial security or backup to access a loan from financial institutions. Most of these young people also lack the basic knowledge, skills, training and experience to venture into business. Some of the prospective entrepreneurs also lack the awareness of the various institutions which are critical for the establishment of small business operations in Anguilla.

Some young people who are already involved in business lack basic business management and marketing capabilities to move the enterprise to the next stage. Some of these young entrepreneurs also experience difficulty in accessing adequate capital for expansion of their operations.

The Anguilla GET SET Entrepreneurial Programme adopts a holistic approach to youth business development to address the problems of these young aspiring and prospective entrepreneurs. A two-week Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) targets the young people who are preparing to venture into business, while a two-day Small Business Assistance Facility (SBAF) targets those who are already in business. The programmes of the Anguilla GET SET Programme are offered at no cost to the participants; however a commitment fee of XCD50.00 is paid by each recruit during registration for the two-week Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP); and XCD20.00 by each SBAF recruit.

The Process

The Anguilla GET SET Programme involves a process of screening and recruitment. The selected applicants are then interviewed and graded for final recruitment by a trained recruitment panel. Anguilla GET SET Programme targets a maximum of ten (20) participants per programme. The sessions are facilitated by a technical team. A written and oral evaluation is administered at the end of each training programme. The Recruitment and Training Committee conducts periodic review sessions on the training package.

Launch of Anguilla Get Set Entrepreneurial Programme