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Business Mentorship Programme

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The Mentorship Programme of the Anguilla Youth Business Foundation adopts the mentoring model of the Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT). The Anguilla Youth Business Foundation networks with several public and private sector organizations, non-government organizations, financial institutions and individuals in the identification, screening and recruitment of suitable individuals to serve as mentors.

The goal of the Mentorship Programme is to develop and maintain a growing and effective network of committed and competent mentors with a diversity of skills and expertise to provide the desired guidance for the development of its entrepreneurs.

Anguilla Youth Business Foundation keeps a profile on all its prospective mentors and prepares them for mentoring assignments through orientation and training. Anguilla Youth Business Foundation provides ongoing periodic training for mentors and mentees. A Mentorship Committee forms an integral part of the organizational structure of Anguilla Youth Business Foundation for the effective administration of the Mentorship Programme. The mentors serve on a voluntary basis; however in situations where mentors incur travel expenses to provide services to their mentees, Anguilla Youth Business Foundation provides the mentors with an honorarium upon submission of a report.

The following mentorship administrative forms and materials are employed:

  • Mentors Registration
  • Mentees Registration
  • Mentors and Mentees Agreement
  • Mentors Experience & Skills
  • Matching Mentors and Mentees
  • Mentors Reports
  • Exit Strategy
  • Mentors Handbook


Mentors are expected to keep at least one meeting with mentees on a monthly basis, and submit quarterly reports on mentees visits to the Anguilla Youth Business Foundation. The mentorship relationship is for one year at the initial stage and is subject for extension or termination upon evaluation by the Mentorship Committee. Anguilla Youth Business Foundation ensures continuity of the Mentorship Programme through its ongoing mentors recruitment drive and by hosting activities for mentors’ recognition. These activities include certification of mentors who perform at a certain standard, awarding mentors who excel in the dispensation of their voluntary services, treating mentors to occasional dinner events, and other special gestures.